University of International Business and Economics

Top Tier UniversityAdopts Core Credit DynEd Course
Nationally recognized University of International Business and Economics (UIBE) has an excellent reputation for its outstandingEnglish, Economics and Tradeprograms. However, the success spans more than a decade of breaking with the traditionallyway English was taught when UIBE DynEd courseswere adopted as the core English course for credit in 2003 with nearly 2,000 users annually. Today,more than 20,000 UIBE students have benefited from the unique DynEd learning method of “Enhancing Reading and Writing through Listening and Speaking.” The DynEd method not only improves general English fluency levels, but consistently has consistently ranked UIBE CET4and 6 scores in the top three schools (Peking University, BFSU and UIBE). Reinforced by nearly a decade of proven success in China, DynEd coursescontinue to earn high marks from students and the Ministry of Education. DynEd is a program that works and continues to attract the attention of China’s top academic institutions and their leaders.

DynEd Project Management-Supportedby Authorities and Leaders
School authorities have provided strong support in terms of funding, facilities, and laboratories to ensure implementation of the DynEd projectsucceeded. UIBE has 450 computers dedicated 13-hours-a-day for use by all students, free of charge. In addition, the program has a unique feature which “blockspotential interference via Microsoft domain management technologies; offers DynEd as a 4 creditcompulsory core coursewith protecteddata by use of a professional managementteam.”

Self-study-Different Starting Points= Same End Point
New students undergo Placement Testingin the first week of the semester, and based on the PT scoreare placed into Classes one of 4 course levels (A,B,C, D) with different beginning points and learning paths. For example, students with high PT scores are able to complete the course within 3 semesters while those with lowerPT scores finishin 6 semesters. All students meet the same criteria to earn credits for the course although the starting pointsare different. Students are evaluated against individual study records by the DynEd Records Manager to ensure a fair, integritous, and efficient managementof academic credits.

Star Campus Performers Students Supervising Students
The DynEd English teaching program at the University of International Business and Economics (UIBE) incorporates a revolutionary teaching management modelwith “peer coaching”as a core component and instructor guidance-support as supplementary. As the bridge betweenthe Office of Academic Affairs and students, the “UIBE English Self-study and Research Center”consists of three student teams, SEA, TAR and TAI. The Center makes full use of motivating the full potential of studentsto accommodateteaching methods allowing“students to supervise andsupport students”. DynEd provides an environmentof opportunity through sound management and social practice for studentsthat support skills development potential organizations and employers seek and appreciate.

The adoption of the DynEd English teaching system is an important part of the successful educational innovations of the UIBE. Under the direction of “Innovation and Originality Education”, UIBE aims to prepare students for both the practical as well as managementproficiencies by practicing“peer education in the teaching of English”. As well, it supportsboth the methodology and channels for motivating an effective and appropriate academic environment.

XU, Yuhang-Director of the Experimental Teaching Center, Office of Academic Affairs, UIBE

The SEA student organization is responsible for supervising studentsstudyingDynEd English as well as providing individual support.The
team consists of the Departments of: English, Development, Management, Mathematics, and Systems. SEAis responsible for the daily operation and maintenanceof DynEd multimedia English courses. And, eliminates the numberof layers of this study-oriented organizationwith a focus on the individual development needs of all the members of the team. Thus, experiencesgained working under SEA will benefit significantly my future study and career.

YuanShen-10thSEA Team Leader, Department of Finance(2011), UIBE

TAR is responsible for implementing DynEd’s peer education programwith candidates required to pass threeroundsof interviews
and a one-semesterprobation period prior to being accepted by TAR. As a result, we’re actually able to ensure proficiency of all student tutorswho tutor-support 30 students a year. We help support each other and grow together. TAI and TAR organized a “TA English Competition”and “Drama King”on the basis of DynEd’s English teaching programwith the highly popular and appreciated events held each semesteron campus. DynEd’s English teaching program creates opportunities for social practice and more importantlytakes students to higher English proficiencylevels through these exchanges and shared assistance. We feel very proud of that…

YueZhang, TAR Team Leader,Department of Accounting (2010), UIBE