USAID Project

Sri Lanka

The English-Computer Based Learning Project (E-CBL) designated 8 training sites around the country, working with 150 instructors and technical staff members, to introduce DynEd courses and learning methodologies. The project proceeded in 3 stages:

  • First, an initial technical audit, and training of technical staff and software installation;
  • Second, DynEd conducted a 5-day teacher training course at each site;
  • Third, a 1-day refresher training visit to the 6 successful sites by the project coordinator.

Teachers used the program initially, and then introduced it to their students (over 1,000) in the weeks that followed. The teachers used DynEd’s Records Manager to monitor student progress.

Teachers and students have embraced the program. The sites are adding users and asking for additional DynEd courses. The interest in English language improvement in Sri Lanka is clear, even in the remote sectors of the country.

For this project, DynEd received a rating of Excellent, with this comment: “There are no quality issues, and the Contractor has substantially exceeded the contract performance requirements without commensurate additional costs to the Government.”