Turkish Ministry of Education


DynEd Adopted by Turkish Ministry of Education for Grades 4-8

In 2007, The Turkish Ministry of National Education signed an agreement to provide DynEd courseware for students in grades 4 to 8 nationwide. English has been identified as a national priority in Turkey, and DynEd’s blended approach was viewed as the best way to scale up to meet this critical need. There were approximately 8.5 million students in these five grades in 22,000 schools around the country, and DynEd was expected to reach about 5 million who have access to computers in school at this time. Home study for additional practice was also available as an option for students with access to computers at home. Courseware covered under the agreement included DynEd’s courses targeted at this age group,  First English and English for Success.

The agreement was signed at the Ministry offices in Ankara with much fanfare by the Minister of Education, Dr. Hueseyin Celik, and DynEd’s local channel partner, Mehmet M. Bayraktaroglu, Chairman of FuturePrints, of Istanbul. The Chairman of the National Board of Education also participated in the festivities. The agreement covered installation and teacher training to allow the launch of the DynEd courseware with the start of the new academic year in September 2007. The project continued to expand over the next three years toward its goal of reaching as many of the students in these five grades as have access to computers.