Speech: Teacher-Training Project, with support by the Pilipinas Shell Foundation


The Specialized English Enhancement Course for High School and Elementary Teachers (SPEECH) was first introduced in 2005, with support from the Pilipinas Shell Foundation (PSFI). This program seeks to improve the English proficiency of elementary and high school students by enhancing the English skills of their teachers. SPEECH uses DynEd “to help participants learning English at a pace that is based on individual learning curves and performance. The DynEd courseware enhances the participants’ English listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills.”

Following the success of the pilot run in Pandacan, SPEECH was replicated in other school districts throughout the country. Each SPEECH lab is equipped with 20 computers installed with DynEd courseware. To date, SPEECH has served over 600 public school teachers, school administrators, and government employees.

PSFI Executive Director Edgardo Veron Cruz notes: “I’ve been told by the teachers that they’ve not only learned the contents of the SPEECH program but have adopted the learning methodology of the DynEd courseware for their own classroom teaching as well.”