DynEd, in conjunction with its training partner in Chile, SESA Chile, worked with Oracle Chile to increase the English language proficiency of their support staff. As Sacha Bocic, Oracle Director of Customer Service, explains: “Communication in English is fundamental for us to evolve as a global customer support center. Frequently we need to talk with Oracle employees in our support centers or with our clients all around the world.”

SESA Chile implemented a blended learning model to teach business English. The CALL component (DynEd) enabled the engineers and analysts to more flexibly manage their studies as well as substantially reduce the time to reach a higher level of English. By integrating CALL with face-to-face classes and personalized books, their level of oral English greatly improved, making it much easier for the employees to adapt to the specific business situations at Oracle Chile.

In one 3-month blended program, 12 participants used DynEd for 1.5 hours each week as the CALL component of their program. In the final assessment, all participants took the TOEIC test and received scores that averaged 100 points higher than expected.