Instituto Nazionale Previdenza Sociale (INPS)


DynEd and its Italian training partner, SCS Azioninnova S.p.a., were awarded a three-year contract from INPS (Instituto Nazionale Previdenza Sociale), the state-body Italian Social Insurance Service, to provide English language training to 2,000 employees per year. Valued at approximately 1.7 million dollars, this 3-year project was one of the largest distance English-language training tenders in the public sector in Italian history.

Azioninnova led the project bid with a comprehensive training program built around DynEd’s award-winning interactive multimedia courses, with strong support from Azioninnova’s team of professional language teachers. DynEd’s Business English Advantage Series (BEAS), networked at over 250 sites throughout Italy, formed the core of the self-study component of the program. Students also met every few weeks in small classes held at 8 regional training centers, where teachers provided opportunities for additional oral practice, personalization, and extension lessons.

All trainees took DynEd’s computer-adaptive Placement Test to determine their language level and the best starting point within DynEd’s extensive range of programs. DynEd’s computer-based Mastery Tests provided regular confirmation of student progress. DynEd’s Records Manager program, which automatically records details of all student self-study activities, allowed trainers to monitor student progress, analyze individual learning styles, and provide professional guidance and support.