Excellent oral English proficiencyafundamental professional quality fora pilot. According to research frommthe International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), over 70% of air disasters were caused by theinadequate controller-to-pilot communicationfor airline safety. The ICAO stipulated in the compulsory provisionson March 5, 2011 that all pilots of international airlines must progress to CIAO-4 leveland beyond. The airline safety fieldhas been payinggreatattentiontoaviation communications English.

With the cooperation of the China Southern Airlines,China Joy Airlinesand others., the Flying College of BEIHANG UNIVERSITY (BUAA) adopts aquasi-military management mode and has trained a large number of qualifiedpilots for the airlines. DynEd Aviation English is highly regardedby the Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC). The Flying College of BUAA introducedDynEd in 2008 and adoptedit as a required course for the pilots during their two-year study in China. The students of the Flying College are required to study for four years, including two-year study in China and twoyears oftraining abroad. The studentsfocus on their English study during their two years’study in China, so as to prepare for the futurestudy abroad. The overseas training session mainly provides practical technique education for the students who need to use English as an important communication tool. In order to help the pilot cadets rapidly improve their English proficiency, the Flying College has invested a lot to provide professional training for its English teachers, including,RMB 400,000 for the DynEd English training project; it also procured 160 computers and developed the infrastructure of its laboratory.

With DynEd’s blended solution,which consists ofindividualized analysis,tutorial supervision and the advanced schedule, 97% of the pilot cadets of the Flying College achievequalificationthroughthe professional examination. Under the education system of DynEd, the possibility that the pilot cadets are rejected by the foreign schools of flying due to their poor English proficiency is greatly reduced. In 2009, the first 42 pilot cadets whoparticipated inDynEd’straining sessionwere sent to Moncton Flight CollegeinCanada. All of them passedthe ICAO simulation testand received their certificates. They also participatedin the ICAO examination in thesame year, and4 of them receivedtheICAO-6 certificatewhileallthe others achieved results exceeding the requirements forthe level ofICAO-4. Thepilot cadets were completely qualified with the requirementsfor English skills in radiotelephony communication.

According to requirements of the airlines, the pilot cadets must participate in IELTS or TOEIC and be qualified tothe required standards. The precise placement test results of DynEd and the clear comparison between DynEd’s test results and thoseof IELTSandTOEIC allowa clear comparative analysis on the scoring rules of IELTS and TOEIC for both the students and the teachers. With the teacher tracking system as well as thecombination of the face-to-face class and the online courses, we are able to achievegreater success in the classroom.

Teacher of DynEd English course, FlyingCollege


DynEdprepares me to speak in English confidently and to be able to face theoverseas training and ICAO challenge. English study is an essential task for every pilot cadet. Those who cannotqualifythroughthe English interview or the ICAO examination willnever be able to bring their dream to reality. DynEd provides unmatchedhelp withthe English interview forthe pilot cadets.

Pilot cadet of China Southern Airlines, FlyingCollege