Legendary Educatior Gets Together with DynEd
Mr. Yujun Liu, the Chairman of AMIO EDUCATION GROUP is a legendary educatiorand ideologistwhogot intouch with DynEd in 2004 and he foundedAMIO EDUCATION GROUP in the following year. With 13 years’ experience of college English teaching, Mr. Liu always reflects on the education system of China. “It is easy for Shandongstudents to get high scores in their English examinations, however, their practical English proficiency is much lowerthan that of their schoolmates at college who come from other regions of China” , said Mr. Liu. DynEd’s appearance becamethe bestchoicefor him to remedythe disadvantage inexaminationoriented education system.
AMIO focuses on the English proficiency education, its major business includes the Training Center, the Teacher Training Program of Shandong and the Course Cooperation Program, and itisa renowned education brand of Shandong Province.

DynEd Solution Became the “Magic Weapon”for the Education Group
DynEd’s accuratePlacement Test recognizes and defines theappropriate study routsfor students; Its practical exercises could establish a solid language structure for the studentsandthe interactive classes help students consolidate and expand their achievements.Such a blended teaching method solves the core problem of the traditional English teaching of China and fundamentally improves onthe “time-consuming and ineffective” teaching methods used previously. Moreover, DynEd’s highly intelligent teacher management system provides a viable and practicalchannel for tracking the students’ progress and the teaching situation for the management team and the trainers of AMIO.In short, it hasbecomeAMIO’s “magic weapon”foroperationsand management.

Training-Center gets strong with the support ofDynEd
The AMIO Training Center network consists of 9 English training centers in Shandong. Adopting DynEd’s multi-media education materials and following the teaching concepts of DynEd, AMIO Training Center provides services for clients of different ages and language goals: teenagers, adults, corporate training, hospitality training and the like. AMIO has to date provided training sessions for more than 10,000 studentsand has contributed a lot for the English proficiency education inShandong Province.

The Teacher Training Program Well known in Shandong Province
The Teacher Training Program of Shandong is a core program jointly developed by AMIO and Shandong Provincial Education Department. Under the guidance of “Dumb English Improvement Plan for the College English Teachers” initiated by Shandong Provincial Education Department, the “Teacher Training Program of Shandong” provides English training for teachers atuniversities, colleges, secondary schools and primary schools in Shandong. The AMIO Teacher Training Program has adoptedDynEd’sEnglish teaching concepts and courseware, whichnot only takes the teachers to a higher level of English proficiency, but also impartsaccurate study methods andbrand new teaching concepts. Nearly 8,000 English teachers have benefited from the training of new teaching concepts and methods provided by AMIO domestic and foreign English teaching experts. According to the statistics of the relevant bureau of education, those English teachers who participated in AMIO’s training sessions have helped their students to excelin the senior high school entrance examination and the college entrance examination.

English study is the second greatilliteracy elimination of China. The Chinese-style English teaching willundoubtedlyachieve grassroot-level popularity.. The overall improvement of Chinesepeople’sEnglish proficiency relies on the transformationof English teaching concepts and methods. DynEd is the best partner to help us achieve this goal.

Mr. Yujun Liu/Chairman of AMIO EDUCATION GROUP
& Director of AMIO Education Research Institute

AMIO’s DynEd-based teacher training is unique because: first, AMIO transforms the traditional teaching concepts of the trainees by adopting the core concepts of DynEd; second, AMIO takes the trainees to higher language levels (this is the bottleneck formost English teachers and the expectation ofschoolleaders); third, DynEd’s face-to-face course really helps the trainees improve theirreal classroom achievements.

Ms. Maggie Yin/Vice Presidentof AMIO EDUCATION GROUP
& Vice Director of AMIO Education Research Institute