YiLinPeiSen in Datong, Shanxi Province, China

Kids Interview from YiLinPeiSen

New Hope in Tieling, Liaoning Province, China

Kids Interview from New Hope

Based on my experience as a teacher and teacher trainer, I believe the RHR learning theory is very useful for teachers…
My only regret is that I didn’t know about this theory many years ago.
I recommend it highly as a real advantage in language teaching.

Vera SemenovaMethodologist, Teacher Trainer Institute, Sakha Republic (Russian Federation)

The benefits obtained from the use of DynEd’s products far outweigh the time and effort spent on training teachers and coaching learners to correctly use the programs.
The  success of our English learning program is largely due to our commitment to integrate technology with instructor-led courses, creating a powerful and efficient learning method.

Jorge NeimanProgram Director, Universidad Tecnológica Nacional, Buenos Aires (Argentina)

I pick a topic covered in a DynEd level each week and that gives my students an opportunity to really put the work they have done with DynEd to use…
The synergy in the class is great!

Kevin RyanAssociate Professor, Showa Woman’s University English Lecturer, University of Tokyo (Japan)

DynEd’s system is just as revolutionary in the language training field as the first spreadsheets were for financial and business fields.
We have only been working with your system for six months and the results are fantastic.
Anyone using traditional methods for ESL training is working in the Dark Ages!!

Tim FentonDirector - Nursing English Project, Ukraine

Through this training, I have finally felt the way to think in English.
Before, I needed to think in Chinese first, then translated it into English.

Yang GuilanTeacher of Haogezhuang School (China)

Our data over the last 4 years shows that students using this powerful combination of software and LiveEnglish tutoring achieve the Cambridge FCE in up to half the number of hours it takes by other published methods.

Maria Concepcion da GraciaDirector, LiveEnglish (Portugal)

DynEd is an incredible tool for our small district with limited resources.
Students work independently at their own ability level and pace so we can meet the needs of students from multiple grade and language levels at the same time.

Dana GrayFormer EL Program Coordinator, Dixie School District (CA, USA)

DynEd has been fantastic!
The software programs are a great resource for teachers and kids love it!
We have seen remarkable progress in student performance for those who use the programs regularly.

Lindi Dreibelbis ArthurDirector of Assessment, Research and Consolidated Programs, La Cañada Unified School District (CA, USA)

The world’s best computer-assisted English language learning program.

Turkish AirlinesAviation Academy (Turkey)

DynEd undoubtedly represents the top product plus a fair and sound business model for all stakeholders.

Lubos HosnedlCountry Management Partner (Czech Republic)

I wouldn’t be where I am today if it wasn’t for DynEd.

Zafer CetoSoftware Engineer for Hewlett-Packard and DynEd graduate

The DynEd Business English Advantage Series allowed us to achieve all of our aims….
The combination of in-class teaching hours, the regular computer lab hours and the variety of educational programs to choose from cut back on the fatigue students usually experience during an intensive course.

Sean CookHead of the Department of English, Polimoda Fashion College (Italy)

DynEd is very dynamic.
We teachers have learned a lot from the program.
It has given us new insights in teaching English to our students.

Rex IgnacioEnglish teacher, Inagawan High School (Philippines)

SPEECH will prepare our teachers to become globally competitive and responsive to the challenges of the times.
The program’s vision transcends to making our pupils become proficient in English, innovative, and productive individuals.

Efren AbejoBataraza District Supervisor, Municipality of Bataraza in Palawan (Philippines)

Before we became a DynEd partner, we used overvaluated other e-learning courseware for our learning programs.
I can say with conviction that no other courseware that we have used comes anywhere close to providing the results that DynEd provides.
In particular, the brain-based learning methodologies, around which Mr Lance Knowles has developed the DynEd courseware, make DynEd’s programs a clear leader in language learning effectiveness.
Since we began using DynEd courseware in our programs, many of our students have shown a clear acceleration in their learning curve.
Based on our experiences, I strongly recommend the DynEd e-learning courseware.

Joseph LoCEO, LEO English (Greater China)